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A real estate company with a personal touch. That characterizes Boatex.
With our compact business structure, we are able to maintain close personal relationships with our tenants. This results in the best office real estate, which perfectly fits our tenants needs.


Business owners are critical when choosing their business housing. We specialize in developing high quality turn-key office spaces for our high demanding tennants. We create the perfect business environment which fits the needs of ambitious companies and organizations.

Your Boatex office is a place where you can work comfortably with co-workers and clients. We create a stylish base, which offers you various ways of personalizing it to your own wishes and needs.

When choosing your business housing you want to have a representive environment which can be reached easily by car or public transportation. Boatex offices are known for its excellent accessibility by car and have sufficient parking spaces.

The Boatex way, is always a personal and flexible way. Our objective is to always think along with our tennants and creating the best office solution possible.

Jan des Bouvrie

Various assets are renovated with the famous Dutch architect Jan des Bouvrie. This strong collaboration results in high-quality and representative office spaces.


Our office real estate are characterized by the high quality finish. Using premium materials ensures a pleasant working climate. As a result our tennants experience a positive work environment and an increase in productivity.


We understand that some business owners need a flexible approach for their business housing. Therefore we can offer flexible deals in terms of office space and durations of contracts.


When we renovate office spaces, our objective is to create the best sustainable office possible, by using for example LED-technology and green energy.


The Red Office is a new Boatex concept and is situated in Beukenhorst-Oost, Hooffdorp.

The building is a 5 minute drive from Amsterdam Airport en 15 minutes drive from downtown Amsterdam.
The offices have been redeveloped with the famous Dutch architect Jan des Bouvrie.
All offices are Turn-Key.

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